Ladies and gentlemen, Grammy award winner, Taylor Swift.


I watched this and she DID NOT put up with him. No one should accept it, after she told him to stop and he kept doing things that made her uncomfortable, all of the judges confronted him. I have so much respect for Demi Lovato, this is the type of person I wish more girls and teens looked up to. 


everyone on this website is slowly going back to school one by one its kinda like a horror movie but worse

“…it just was a coping mechanism to think really hard about how I want to look at my life; if I really wanted to be one of those celebrity types that constantly complains about being gossipped about when I could just live my life inside of it and have fun regardless.” — Taylor Swift to BBC Radio 1 (via talldrinkoftaylor)


Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw
Fearless - Love Story
Speak Now - Mine
Red - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
1989 - Shake It Off

Taylor Swift leaving the Empire State Building in NYC, August 18th